Investing your money in Sicily

We provide legal advice for those who intend to invest in Sicily.

We are experts, we are natives and we speak English.


A couple of things you should know about investing your money in Sicily.

1) Bureaucracy can be an issue.

Whether you intend to buy real estate or wish to launch a new venture here, you will definitely need legal advice. It is important that your counselor is an expert in Italian administrative law (which, in simple terms, is the branch of law which deals with bureaucracy) and that you can communicate with him/her. Strange as it may seem, many lawyers in Sicily do not speak English, so be sure you find someone who does.

2) Litigation can be an issue.

It is important to prevent any chance of litigation. Trials in Italy can be exceptionally long, if not expensive.

Therefore, when you choose your advisor, make clear that you need to avoid litigation. For example, if you are to buy real estate, make them check the history of the property, in order to avoid problems with taxes or other people claiming rights on the same property. It is an easy thing to do, yet not always standard practice.

3) Be advised.

Remember that there are certain formalities to be observed before buying real estate or investing otherwise.

For example, you need a written contract stipulated in front of a notary in order to buy a real estate. Without it, the deal is void. If you paid for it, you will simply lose your money.

4) Be smart.

Remember that a legal advisor is responsible for his advice. Be sure he has an insurance policy to cover his professional activity. As expert as any lawyer can be, it is your money on the line.


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